Thursday, April 14, 2011

Follando A Nina De 13 Anos

Wilders Dutch xenophobic leader sits on the bench for incitement to hatred in the country

After several delays and a change of judges for bias, anti-Muslim leader of Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders has finally sitting on the dock. Today it has resumed the trial of the politician for incitement to racial hatred and discrimination by their harangues against Islam with the first witness statement defense, which has caused a stir by calling for the eviction of an audience for alleged death threats.

The case against Wilders, leader of the third political force in Dutch, was postponed in 2010 to challenge the tribunal's impartiality. The defense then argued xenophobic leader, successfully, that Tom Schalken, chief magistrate owner, attended a dinner with a defense witness, during which he was in favor of prosecuting Wilders. The process in a court of Amsterdam, has resumed after two weeks ago the court rejected another appeal for the defense in requesting the annulment of the process.

Hans Jansen, a native Dutch Arabist, has today opened the first round of questioning as a defense witness, asking that they vacate the moment they arrive in the courtroom "to a Mr. De Kreek. "I'd rather be in jail to stay back in that character," he said. He said the person in question would have received death threats over the Internet saying that "Jansen would have to be slaughtered like a pig."

Today's meeting has been about the controversial dinner that was overruled by the judge Schalken. The Arabist Jansen, and the judge agreed there, invited by Bertus Hendriks, another expert Middle East. From what was said in the evening highlights a witness's comment on freedom of expression. "If Wilders were to be condemned, hundreds of academic books should be destroyed," said Jansen in 2010. Before the new judges, admitted today he had asked to Schalken sure that nothing I say about Islam or the Koran, would be used against him. "Although it seemed silly for me, so he did. Then I asked the same kind of certainty, but I said it was absurd. He is a judge and I'm retired," he remembered.

Wilders The situation is complex. His Freedom Party support in Parliament to a Government center-right minority. In practice, their influence is evident in immigration matters, social policies and savings. According to his lawyer, Bram Moszcowitcz, the process is politicized and tests freedom of expression. For the groups that sued (Turkish immigrant associations, Antillean and Moroccan and an anti-racist group), the Wilders' ideas are offensive and discriminatory. During the process will be discussed also the film Fitna , released in 2008, where the Dutch politician presents Islam as a violent ideology.


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